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Private Lessons
One-on-one instruction for you and your pet, in our climate controlled training center.  From Basic Skills to Advanced Skills or let us tailor a special training regimen to meet your needs.

Boarding Training (view this service)
Doggie "boot camp", but with lots of fun and learning.  Your dog receives extensive one-on-one training with our skilled trainers, and exposed to the distractions encountered in daily life.

Solutions to Behavior Problems
Most behavior problems are not bad, rather unwanted. You and your pet donít have to live with these unwanted behaviors. We have many tried an true techniques to adjust these behaviors.

    Resource/Owner Guarding

Clicker Training

This unique reward based training technique can produce astounding results in a short period of time. As a primary method or as a secondary reinforcement, success will follow.

The Following Levels of Training are available with Boarding Training and Private Lessons:

Puppy Socialization
For the young dog that has all its shot......Starting early with a positive reward based method will ensure a loyal well behaved companion.
Skills Learned: Socialization, Nutrition, Walk on Leash, Sit, Come, Down, Housetraining, Chewing Alternatives, and behavioral considerations.

Family Dog Level 1
Building a strong and trusting relationship with your dog will set the tone for a successful learning experience.
Skills Learned: reward based Methods and Theories, Nutrition, Leadership, Attention, Heeling On Leash, Sit, Come, Down, Confidence Building.

Family Dog Intermediate
Sharpen the basic skills in preparation for Level 2.  This course requires completion of Family Dog Level 1 or demonstration of equivalent skills.
Skills Learned: Leadership, Attention, Heeling On Leash, Sit, Come, Down, Confidence Building.

Family Dog Level 2
Taking the basics to the next level will give your dog greater confidence and provide you greater control.
Skill Learned: Heeling with change in direction and change in pace, Off-Leash Heeling, Sit-Down-Come at distances with distractions, Finish to Heel position.

Advanced Skills
Now that you have mastered the basics you're ready to prepare for competition or perfect your skills.
Skill Learned: Off-Leash heeling, long distance sit, down with recall, Precision Front and Finish.  Preparation for Competition Obedience or Schutzhund.

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