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Elaine Louviere (Retired)
Professional Dog Trainer
APDT Member #063672 
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #5299

Elaine’s love of animals, in particular dogs, has led her to an inevitable career in professional dog training.  Elaine attended the extensive Click & Treat Training Seminars with Gary Wilkes, and has studied with Pat Miller, (author The Power of Positive Dog Training).  As a trainer devoted to the correct application of operant conditioning, she has developed her teaching skills, to better provide education to dog owners and their canine companions.  She continues to improve her methods and knowledge through seminars and extensive reading.

Working with volunteer organizations and shelters, Elaine has gained extensive knowledge in the care and handling of animals.  She has studied canine nutrition for the past five years, and is well qualified to assist in the selection of the best overall nutrition plan for your dog.



Michael Louviere
Professional Dog Trainer
Behavior Consultant
APDT Member #063546 
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #4871

 A lifetime of owning, handling, and training dogs, has provided Michael with a solid foundation, for understanding canines and their behavior.  He continues his education through seminars, classroom work, extensive research, plus hands on training and problem solving with professional colleagues.  His knowledge of operant conditioning and the application of classical conditioning combine to form a solid foundation for training dogs of any age and any breed.  His observation skills and analytical background prove invaluable, in diagnosing behavior and temperament issues and developing safe, humane resolutions.

Michael's training and behavior experiences have covered the entire spectrum from household pets to shelter animals to competition dogs.  Imparting his knowledge to owners and their dogs is his main objective.  His simple straightforward teaching techniques make learning to train your dog easy and fun for both of you.


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