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The relationship you build with your dog will last a lifetime. Experience has proven that the bond you create will carry through to every task you ask your dog to perform.

Our reward based concepts are guaranteed to build a bond of trust with you and your dog.

Twelve Paws Canine Academy has the knowledge and technical ability to provide the services you need.

Our Behavior Consultants have trained and studied with the best reward based trainers in this field.

Our ability to evaluate your dog’s temperament and socialization skills will help provide the best training regimen for you and your dog.

As a family companion or keen trial competitor, your dog will benefit from training based on motivation, mutual respect and effective communication.

Reward Based Methods

All forms of dog related activities have a common denominator—behavior. The relatively simple tasks of moving in a particular fashion, remaining stationary, or inhibiting a behavior altogether are the mainstays of a successful owner dog relationship — and about as common as hen’s teeth…..
(Gary Wilke’s—Click & Treat)

Training our dogs is not a responsibility, it is a privilege. The communication that positive training fosters is uniquely rewarding. The true exchange is a gift. In those moments of intense eye contact, when we are on the same wave length and achieve true unity, that canine connection can be truly transcending…….
(Sheila Booth — Purely Positive Training)

There are many ways to train a dog, teach a child and program a computer. Its is our belief that the acceptable method of dog training occurs in an environment where conditions are right for learning (a happy, healthy dog), the reasons for performing are correct (the dog wishes to please and does not fear retaliation) and the request for action and the rewards are consistent.

There are no bad dogs, only bad owners and handlers. Dogs do not make mistakes, they just don’t know what we want. With consistent positive methods taught in class, we can assist our dogs in learning, perfect their skills, and be rewarded with love and pride.

We are alone , absolutely alone on this chance planet; and amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, except the dog, has made alliance with us…..
(Maurice Maeterlinck)

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